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Is Online Learning for You?

Online learning is a new experience for many of our participants. How will you know if Crossroads is for you? For each of the statements below, indicate as honestly as possible if it is true or false for you.

  1. I have ready access to a computer and to the Internet.
  2. I am comfortable writing email and using the Internet.
  3. I enjoy being part of a discussion board or listserv.
  4. I do not mind asking for assistance when I need help.
  5. I would like to discuss faith matters with people from all over the English-speaking world.
  6. I would enjoy being able to participate in a course according to my own schedule instead of needing to arrive in a classroom at a certain time.
  7. I would enjoy not having to commute to participate in a learning experience.
  8. I like to learn through dialogue and interaction.
  9. I am self-motivated when it comes to following through on a project.
  10. I am comfortable with trying out new ways to learn.
  11. I am patient with myself when I try something new.
  12. Dialogue does not have to include faceā€“to-face contact for me to learn.
  13. I would find it relaxing and interesting to come online and read messages from participants in different parts of the country and the world.
  14. I would like to receive feedback to my reflections from an experienced facilitator and from my peers.
  15. I value being a part of a discussion group or learning community.

How many statements above did you find true for yourself? Although there is no complete answer to the question "Is this online learning experience for me?" the more statements you answered true, the more you are likely to enjoy an online learning experience.